Monday, 23 July 2012

Army jacket trip

Hello lovelies :) The other day i went shopping and i got a few things, including an army jacket which i have been looking to get for a while now! Since topshop & urbanoutfitters have them in stock at the moment too i have been eyeing them up every time i go in there, but i wasn't too keen on spending £48 on one, so i went to this vintage store near me and turns out they have the same ones as urban outfitters, or at least very very very similar ones! for nearly half the price! So if you're wanting to buy an army jacket i suggest you look in your local vintage stores first:)
The 'dance until dawn' top is from h&m, i bought it in the sale for £3 and i thought it was quite a bargain! you can wear this top with jeans and a jacket for a simple look!
The other two things are just small
                                    -Supercat liquid black eyeliner pen from soap and glory £6
which is one of the best liquid eyeliners for the price i have tried so far! but the only disadvantage that i've found with it is that its not waterproof:(
-A ring from topshop in the sale £1.50

Topshop studded hotpants

when i saw these "MOTO Khaki studded hotpants" from topshop i had to try them on! they were lovely and really well made! The only problem i found with these shorts was that the sizes were a size too small, so if you were looking to buy a pair, go a size up! I'm normally a size 6/8 in shorts and i had to try on a size 10 to get them to fit me properly otherwise they were just too tight.
overall i think they are a good buy and recommend them for your autumn wardrobe paired with an army jacket a white top & a nice pair of black shoes because all you need is a simple outfit with these shorts! :)